Super Green Superfoods: AFA, Spirulina and Chlorella

Deep green organic superfood Super Green Superfoods: AFA, Spirulina and ChlorellaWhat do Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), Spirulina and Chlorella all have in common? They’re all green, they’re all super and they’re all foods. That makes them all green superfoods!

All three of these amazingly green foods provide superb nutrition and all three have different, but demonstrated health benefits for those who consume them.

What are they?  AFA and Spirulina are both cyanobacteria, while Chlorella is a eukaryotic. That makes them all species of algae. Cyanobacteria are among the oldest life forms on the planet, estimated to have been around for over 3.5 billion years and they were the first organism to achieve photosynthesis. They are all classed as algae because they grow under water and need sunlight to survive.

There are probably more species of microalgae than we might imagine and the role they play in maintaining life on earth is truly astounding.  It’s amazing to discover that there are literally thousands of species of algae on the planet; over forty thousand species are known, and some of those have been consumed by humans for thousands of years.

Algae are nutritious and good for you!

These blue-green algae  or cyanobacteria  (AFA and Spirulina) as well as Chlorella (the eukaryotic) are some of the most nutritional foods available on the planet; each of them containing large amounts of chlorophyll, which has proven benefits to human health. These benefits probably exist because it is only one atom away from hemoglobin – our oxygen carrying red blood cells.

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA)  is probably the least well known of these three superfoods. This microalgae grows in fresh water in Lake Klamuth and contains between 60% and 75% protein as well as high amounts of B vitamins. It has also been shown in studies to be a reliable source of vitamin B12; good news for vegetarians and vegans.

Spirulina is as chock full of protein as AFA, containing between 55% and 77% protein and is considered to be a complete protein. It is also high in B vitamins including vitamin B12, as well as the minerals that so much of our food today lacks such as calcium, magnesium and selenium.

Chlorella provides slightly less protein, containing around 45%, but once again it is high in B vitamins, including B12, high in minerals and other nutrients that are vital for good health. Chlorella is also one of the most widely used supplements in Japan with an estimated 10 million Japanese taking it regularly.

All three of these amazing green algae are foods in their own right, containing valuable nutrition and providing support and healing to the body. Each of them will help to remove toxins from the body while also helping to keep the body more alkaline and the chlorophyll they contain makes them a powerful cancer preventative. They also each have their own specific benefits that makes taking the whole three together a smart choice:

  • AFA has proven beneficial effects on stem cells, assisting with slowing or halting the aging process and keeping the aging body younger and healthier.
  • Chlorella has been shown to remove heavy metals from the body including mercury. Important in a contaminated world.
  • Spirulina has been shown to increase fat burning during exercise and to help to boost the immune system in older adults

For those who are new to these green superfoods, it is recommended to start off slowly as they will begin to detoxify the body and may cause digestive upset initially if too much is taken. Begin with a quarter (or less if necessary) of the recommended dose and work up to the full daily amount as your body allows.

Which brand do I take?

I personally take Miessence Supergreen Superfood blend (click here to view). It is an awesome blend of organic AFA, Spirulina and Chlorella, along with a good variety of organic herbs and grasses. Whichever blend you decide to purchase, always ensure that the algae is organic as non-organic varieties can be contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins.




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 Super Green Superfoods: AFA, Spirulina and Chlorella
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